Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NJ Farm and Horse Show

We went to the NJ Farm and Horse Show/Sussex County Fair last week.  We went on the first day that temperatures were predicted to be in the low (instead of high) 80's.  Of course, we ended up getting rained on but it was still a fun day.

When we went into the first of the livestock tent, where the chickens and rabbits were, Georgie tried to hold his nose, because of the smell, and his ears, because of the noise, at the same time.
Thankfully he got over it pretty quickly.  The kids were fascinated by the baby chicks and were able to see a few hatching from their eggs.
One little girl had a rabbit out and allowed them to pet it.  We had a pet bunny until a couple of years ago but it was outside and the little guys didn’t see him too often.
One building had a Farm Fun area set up for kids to play.  Both kids had fun in the pretend grocery store stocked with foods from the farm.  Georgie stood on line to purchase his fruits and vegetables (very interesting since he barely eats either)….
while Vicki worked the cash register.
Both kids had fun riding the small tractors.  I had to explain that the idea wasn’t to play bumper-tractor.
There were stick ponies for them to ride around a hay maze.   “Yee Ha!  Ride Em Cowboy.”
They had a wood cow to “milk”……
as well as corn to shuck and pop the kernels off, wood eggs to get from under stuffed chickens, wood apples to pick off trees and potatoes to dig out of the (hay) ground.
We went over to the petting area.  Vicki had a great time feeding the goats entire handfuls of food….
while Georgie would keep his main stash in one hand and just put one or two pellets of food in the hand he offered to the animals.
We went through the 4-H tent where Georgie was fascinated by the robotics exhibit.  The boy running the exhibit let Georgie play with a couple of the robots, which appeared to be made out of Legos.
I could definitely see Georgie being into this stuff when he gets older.
We had a light lunch and then sat in the rain eating ice cream.
We played a few games on the way out.  Kids under 12 win every time playing the arcade games so they were each able to win a turtle and a fish (all stuffed, I avoided the “win a goldfish” booth).
IMG_4502 IMG_4505
Surprisingly, neither kid complained about getting soaking wet walking in the rain.  At least not until we were back in the car ready to go home.

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