Monday, October 25, 2010

Stephy's Halloween Costume and Georgie's Future Career

We were driving Stephanie to school this morning and Georgie (who I thought was still asleep) spoke up from the backseat with a topic that is very close to his heart this week - Halloween costumes. 

Georgie:  know why I don't want to be a vampire for Halloween - the yucky teeth.  A witch is also no good because you have to wear a dumb dress and carry a dumb broom that flies.
Steph:  What are you going to be for Halloween?
Mommy: (speaking up fast in a super-duper excited voice because we already bought the costumes and we are not getting new ones) He's being Buzz Lightyear and Vicki is a Tinkerbell fairy.
Georgie: What are you going to dress up as Mommy?
Mommy:  I'm going to be......a Mommy!  Grown-ups don't need to dress up.
Georgie: What are you going to be Stephie?  You can still be a kid until you're 17 or 18.
Steph:  I don't know buddy.
Georgie:  I know what you can be........a pink monster with green polka dots and a couple brown stripes....three purple horns on the arms just lots of purple legs like an octopus..tentacles...and on the middle horn there is a vanilla frosted cupcake with a cherry on top.
Steph: very cool buddy.  ((@_@))  How are we supposed to do that? (quietly to Mommy)
Georgie: and you have to make sure the eyes are orange and the nose is a little bit light red and the lips are bright blue.
Mommy:  She's going to be a very colorful monster.
Georgie:  I know because I like ALL the colors.  That's why I'm going to be an artist when I grow up.

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