Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

We didn’t do much (any) schoolwork this week.  It was a short week and Georgie knew a holiday was coming, so it was pretty useless to try.  We did manage of few Thanksgiving themed crafts.
We made paper plate turkeys.
They also made Indian Corn. I thought they would love gluing beads to a corn and husk cut from paper.  I painstakingly separated out orange, yellow and brown beads into one cup and green beads into another cup.  This is how much they actually did…
So, I handed them some paper plates with the middle cut out and some stickers, pictures and glue and let them make wreaths. 
At this point, I finally accepted the fact that despite their cries of “what are we doing next?” they really weren’t into the crafts. 

They did play quite a few games this week, mostly with Daddy.  They played our Money Bags game, which helps teach coin values.
They played with our USA puzzle.  Daddy directed the building by telling them the piece was from the Northeast, Southwest, etc.  Then they looked at the pictures on the puzzle and discussed the different states.
Georgie also used our wooden ABC blocks to make words.  Even using the blocks, he made them all capital letters.
IMG_5208 IMG_5210
We decorated a fun Turkey cake for Thanksgiving dinner….
and enjoyed some fun family time.
IMG_5240 IMG_5245 IMG_5271
We finished up the week with two trips to our local Museum for Rock and Mineral Weekend.  More about our fun field trips here.

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