Monday, February 14, 2011

Chocolate Festival

Our local museum had their annual Chocolate Festival over the weekend, in honor of Valentine’s Day.   In addition to chocolate samples, they had display signs with information about the origins of chocolate, where cocoa beans are grown and the different kinds of chocolate.

They had a few craft activities for the kids.  The only one we actually did was to make heart wreaths. 
Vicki made hers fairly quickly and went exploring with Daddy.
Georgie first had to color his large heart just the right colors.   Then he very carefully made sure each heart had a nice smiley face (or alien head) of glue and put them in exactly the right place.
After the wreath the kids weren’t interested in the other craft projects (a heart puppet and a chocolate coloring page) so we just looked around at the exhibits.

The museum is having a special exhibit of teapots right now.   There were all kinds of elaborate and fancy tea sets - painted ones, silver ones and shaped ones.    Georgie’s favorite was a fish shaped one (which I barely caught in the upper right corner of the picture).
They had a community art project where each visitor was able to add some paint to large paintings of cupcakes and ice cream cones.  We probably could have stayed there all day if it was left up to the kids.  I guess I’ll have to pull out paints more often.  Maybe once the weather gets warmer and we can work outside I’ll mix up some corn starch sidewalk paints and let them go nuts.
We visited our usual favorites.  The music boxes and mechanical toys collection….
the trains…
and both kids were really interested at looking at a collection of studio glass.  They enjoyed picking out their favorites and which ones they thought looked strange. 
Each time we visit the museum they seem to discover something new.

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