Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yay, Spring!! Wait….What???

Sunday was the First Day of Spring!  Last week we had a couple of absolutely beautiful 60 degree days.  The crocuses were starting to show up, the trees were starting to bud, birds could be heard singing (mourning doves are pretty much the only birds I can recognize by sound and they’re back!).  It was perfect!  I began planning a small unit on Spring, including lots of nature walks.  We would listen for birds, look at flower buds, learn about how plants grow….

I had it all ready to go.  You want to know what we ended up doing this week?  Here it is…..





It was actually kind of pretty. Just definitely not Spring-like.   So, I got to explain to Georgie that just because the calendar says it’s Spring, doesn’t mean the weather is going to cooperate.  Poor kid, I think this disappointed him more than not getting snow on December 1st.

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