Friday, May 27, 2011

2 Week Wrap-Up: 5/16-5/27/11

We had a pretty slow two weeks.  Daddy went away on a business trip and that always leads to cranky children and tired Mommy.  But we did manage a few things.

Over the weekend, we went to a Fun Fair at a local elementary school after Georgie’s T-ball game.  Georgie rode a pony for what I think is the first time.  Vicki cried and refused but then spent the next two days saying she wanted to do it now.

Scholastic had another one of the Dollar Deals for ebooks so I bought a few more that had printable game boards.  Last time I bought things that went along with our themes or things for Georgie to do.  This time I looked for game activities for Vicki.   Since Vicki badly wants to learn how to read, but hates doing worksheets, I had been considering Happy Phonics or subscribing to the Evan Moor Teacher’s File Box.  Both are pretty expensive.  The Teacher’s File Box I would also be able to use to get worksheets and activities for Georgie but, since I was considering this right AFTER the sale stopped at the co-op, it would have cost $99 and I really wasn’t sure how much we would use it.  Especially since I already have a lot of the Evan Moor stuff that is specific to our upcoming activities.

I ended up finding 19 books that had games and activities that would be appropriate for Vicki.  Most also had stuff for Georgie and things that we could use for future years.   I spent some time printing out the games that were a good level for right now and Georgie spent some time helping me color them.


I also went to a Scholastic Books Warehouse Sale last week.  I love going to these.  The prices are wonderful and the selection pretty varied.   Two of my finds this time were two wipe-off books for Vicki.  While she hates worksheets, for some reason she loves white boards and wipe-off books.


The Learning book opens into an easel and covers letters, numbers, seasons, months, days of the week, addition, simple words, comparison words, color words, shapes, opposites, clocks and weather terms.  So even Georgie could get something out of using this book.   And, since it was 50% off, I only paid $4.49 for it.


Vicki and I also started MEP Reception.   She enjoyed Lesson 1 and it was the perfect amount of time to keep her attention – about 5 minutes.


She also did some dabber paint pages.  I have a pretty big collection of these from Making Learning Fun, Confessions of a Homeschooler and Homeschool Creations.  


She did two or three pages before deciding that stacking the tops was more fun.


We did complete Part 6 of our Prehistory study on the Ordovician and Silurian Periods.


What Georgie did in his core curriculum these weeks:

Handwriting Without Tears:
Page 15 (lowercase o), practiced c, o and numbers on paper.

OPGTR Reviewed Lessons 41-48 and did Lesson 49.
Books he read this week were all repeats except Rainbow Fish: Spike and the Substitute.

I expect to add ETC back in soon since we will be doing beginning blends in OPGTR.

AAS Step 13 – Segmenting blends (very easy for him), Step 14 – final blends (very easy).

pg 25 Scholastic 1st Grade Reading Comprehension worksheet; Scholastic GUM pg 10 – review of capitalizing I and telling sentences.

MM Yr1 pg 58, 59, 84, 85 (addition/subtraction) and Yr2 pg 63 (shapes).

Sign Language:
Continued reviewing the alphabet and his name.

Read Aloud:
Our read aloud this week was Magic School Bus Dinosaur Detectives.  I found some great coloring pages (free downloads) from Dover Publishing that are pages full of sea shells.  Lots of intricate coloring like Georgie really loves these days.

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