Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: Dance Nationals and Camping

We had a very busy week with very little (like no) actual school being done.

Steph’s dance Nationals this year was last weekend in Egg Harbor Township.  Right up the road from the Egg Harbor City Campground where we stayed last year so we decided to turn it into a family vacation.   Daddy and the little kids started camping on Friday, while Steph, her friend Coral and I headed down to a hotel on Saturday to prepare for Nationals on Sunday.

Everybody had a great time at Nationals and Steph did really well.  She was 3rd Place Overall Senior Soloist for her tap solo to As Fast As You Can….

fast as you can 2011b
her, Robert and Cassidy were the TOP Overall Senior Trio for The Remedy!…
the remedy nationals
and her small group 5 Guys Named Moe won TOP Teen Small Group!  They were one of only two groups that won Diamond level awards.
5 guys named moe 2011 l
After Nationals, we headed over to the campground to join the rest of the family.   Poor Daddy got to set up camp and spend Friday night with the two little guys in a tent during record rainfalls and a local tornado warning.  Everything went okay and the weather the rest of the week was sunny and very very hot.  High temperatures were in the 90 with high humidity.  So, a lot of time was spent down at the lake splashing around or just relaxing.
Once again Vicki took it as her personal mission to get as dirty as possible.
We all headed home on Wednesday and Steph finished up the week by getting her hair cut and donating it to Locks of Love.

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