Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Fun

We had a few beautiful Fall days last week and took a walk to look for signs of the changing season.   We didn’t find too many other than some dried out leaves on the ground, lots of acorns and squirrels going nuts.   I thought the kids were old enough now for us to take our dog Zappa along for the walk and the dog ended up being the best behaved of them all.

They did get the chance to pose all together on their favorite rock.



Later that night we took a ride out to see Steph cheer on our football team as one of the Co-Captains of the squad again this year.  This was a special game for Steph because it was at the high school she would be attending if we didn’t switch her after 8th grade.  This was the school district she attended from 2nd through 8th grade so she still has lots of friends that go to school there, including her boyfriend who is a captain of the opposing football team.    He played a great game and almost scored his teams only touchdown but we still won 28 to 0.


IMG_6895 IMG_6891

Georgie showed how unsocialized he is by going up to every person arriving, introducing himself and Vicki and showing them to their seats.  He made friends with a bunch of teenage boys (his “gang”)  and charmed one mother into giving him some pom-poms to play with. 

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