Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Postponed Halloween

We are finally getting back to our normal routine after the disruption caused by the “freak October snowstorm” that hit the Saturday before Halloween.  

Our museum was holding their annual celebration that day so we ventured out into the snow to check it out.   The kids are old enough to be picking their costumes based on their latest interests so my days of making their costumes are over for now.  Vicki dressed as Jessie from Toy Story 2 and George was Wario, the Mario Brothers antihero.

IMG_7043 - Copy_edited-1

The museum had lots of fun craft activities to do.  The kids painted pumpkins….



made Halloween lanterns (we may have to do these more often, both kids were able to do most of the cutting once I drew lines on the paper for them)…..

IMG_7054 - Copy_edited-1

lollipop ghosts, and masks with gems, glitter, foam stickers and feathers.



The museum has a new, temporary exhibit right now of  Brain Teasers - “an exhibition of hands-on puzzles designed to challenge visitors’ problem solving skills”.  The kids (and daddy) had a lot of fun trying to solve the many puzzles.  While daddy was able to do most of them, they were pretty advanced for the kids.  They still had fun trying.



By the time we headed home from the museum, our neighborhood was completely cut off due to downed trees and wires.  We went over to Granny Kaye’s house and ended up staying six days waiting for power to return to our house. 

Thanks to the heavy, wet snow on trees that were still full of leaves (some haven’t even changed color yet) many trees fell and pulled wires down with them.  Most of the towns in our area postponed Halloween activities until Friday for safety reasons.  The kids were impatient but we did finally get to go out Trick or Treating in Granny Kaye’s neighborhood.   The best part was coming home for a tasty snack.




  1. Looks like lots of fun! Glad you got to celebrate in spite of the snowstorm. Super cute kid photos!