Tuesday, March 27, 2012

4-H Cloverbuds – Bugs Part 1

We had the field trip portion of our next Cloverbud unit today.  Our current topic is Bugs, so we took a trip to Insectropolis – The Bugseum of New Jersey.  We had a large enough group to get a guided tour and I’m very glad we did.  Our tour guide, Jesse, was great with the kids and they learned so much.  Each room of the museum had a different theme and a different colored floor so it was easy to tell the kids to stay on the green floor or move on to the orange floor.

Georgie took a lot of interest in the metamorphosis display in the introductory room.


The first thing the kids were able to touch was a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.  These are very popular at zoos and museums so we’ve seen these before. 


In addition to live bugs, there were also some great mounted specimens.  It’s amazing how big some bugs get around the world. (and kind of creepy).


Jesse pulled out a millipede for the kids to touch.  I kept my distance from this one since millipedes and centipedes really give me the creeps.


In the jail room there were displays of bugs that were detrimental to food crops or harmful to people.

IMG_7737  IMG_7738

The kids were able to touch a scorpion next.  


A display of iridescent butterflies.


We finished up with a discussion about spiders and the chance to touch a tarantula.IMG_7792

Georgie didn’t want to touch the tarantula so he hid under the bench.


I thought it was funny that the Bug Museum was located behind an exterminator.


In two weeks, we’ll do Part 2 of our Bug unit with a Bug Hunt and craft.

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