Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bakery Tour Field Trip

One of the local homeschool moms arranged a field trip to a local bakery for yesterday.  (Thanks Celia!!)  I was picturing a small neighborhood bakery that might show the kids a commercial size mixer and oven, maybe go over decorating cakes and that kind of thing.  This was SOOOO much better than that!

Anthony & Sons is a large wholesale producer of bread products.   We toured their 65,000 square foot facility.  (I’m sorry about the picture quality but I forgot my camera and these were taken using my phone).

Everybody had to wear a hair net to enter the baking area.  Vicki was fine with it but Georgie was not happy at all and kept pulling and tucking it around his hat.

bakery tour1 bakery tour5

We saw the huge flour silos, watched the dough get weighted out, formed and scored, watched the raw rolls and loafs enter the huge ovens and watched the nice brown bread come out.  We saw the slicer and the cooling racks.  The whole place smelled like fresh bread and yeast.

bakery tour10bakery tour9 

bakery tour14 

bakery tour11 

The kids were given some raw dough to feel and play around with.

bakery tour17

Georgie did very well with the whole tour except when everyone went inside one of the refrigerators. 

When the tour finished, everyone was given a bag with a nice fresh loaf of rye bread and some rolls.  Vicki ate about 4 of the rolls just on the ride home.  Very yummy but not good for my attempt at lower carb dieting.

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