Tuesday, January 8, 2013

4-H Cloverbuds – Photography

We had some photography fun at Cloverbuds this week.  
We started out talking about cameras, how they work, and learning some hints for taking good pictures – not moving the camera until the picture is captured, not putting a finger or anything else in front of the lens, etc.  

I have an old 35mm camera that I showed the kids and told them all about how way back when we couldn’t see our pictures as soon as we took them, we’d have to use up a whole roll of film, and send it to be developed.  Sometimes we had to wait days or even a week to get our photos.   The kids decided they definitely preferred digital cameras.

The kids then had a great time with a costume photo shoot.  I bought a bunch of our dress-up stuff and my old camera – a Canon Power Shoot with titanium case.  Sturdy, drop-proof and easy to use, so perfect for a bunch of 5 to 7 year olds to use.  We have a pretty decent selection of dress-up stuff - Steph’s old dance costumes, some animal costumes made by Grammy Kaye, hats, gloves, mardi gras beads.  The kids had a great time dressing up, getting their pictures taken, then taking pictures of the next model in line.


IMG_0447 IMG_0448 IMG_0463b IMG_0474b IMG_0479b

After the photo shoot, they made picture frames using foam, popsicle sticks, foam stickers and markers….


and had the chance to look at their photos on the computer.


In two weeks we’ll have our photography field trip – a mall scavenger hunt.

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