Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Human Body: Skeletal System

I’d like to introduce you to Rose.   Rose is our body poster from the Evan Moor Giant Science Resource Book.    As we learn about each body system, diagrams will be added, but first the kids gave her some color.


Our first system is the skeletal system, and we read all about it, and bones in our Science Encyclopedia, the Usborne Children’s Encyclopedia, and Scholastic Kid’s Encyclopedia – Science.  Each had some overlapping information but they all had different pictures and a slightly different presentation.

The kids took a look at their ribs in the mirror, felt their clavicle, patella, and thumped on their skulls.  They then started quizzing me on what various bones were called, and were very impressed that I actually knew (I still remember them from a test in high school 20+ years ago).

We made a cross-section model of a bone using red pipe cleaners to represent blood vessels running through bone marrow of yellow play-doh (yeah, I use a lot of play-doh for building models). 


Our spongy bone is represented by a sponge cloth…..


while compact bone was a cardboard tube, wrapped with a white paper periosteum with red blood vessels drawn on it.

We read the Magic School Bus Search for the Missing Bones, which lead to more feeling and tapping on bones, while coloring in a full skeleton from Evan Moor Giant Science Resource Book

The Search for the Missing Bones (The Magic School Bus Chapter Book, No. 2)

We finished up by adding the skeletal system to Rose.  (Vicki had done a little coloring on the ribs).


Our next system will be the muscular system.

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