Thursday, November 20, 2014

George's Big Presentation - Herpetology 4-H

The kids had the second meeting of their new 4-H group this week.  Despite being brand new and knowing nobody, George was the first to volunteer to do a speech.   He did a great job, with lots of "showmanship".  :-)    Not bad for his first research project AND first presentation.

The file was too big to attach here but is available at youtube:

After the speeches, the kids made ornaments to bring on an upcoming Caroling trip to a local nursing home.

Both kids were happy - George got to be the center of attention and Vicki got to play with glue. :-)

We haven't brought Galactic to 4-H with us yet.  The first meeting we weren't sure what to expect.  This week's meeting it was bitter cold out and Galactic was getting ready to shed, so he stayed home where it was nice, warm and safe.


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