Saturday, May 30, 2015

Six Flags Safari Adventure

The kids, Jen and I joined a group of local homeschoolers at Six Flags (always will be Great Adventure to me!) to participate in their Safari Off-Road Educational Adventure. 

We started the trip in the SeaFari Theatre where they divided us into groups and did a brief presentations.  We were mildly worried because Georgie definitely wanted to hang out with his friends and the park chose our groups for us.   Everyone laughed when George stood up with a cheery "YES!" when they called our last name in the same group as his friends (the otters!).

The program started with a presentation about sea lions and a visit from a friendly otter.


We visited a petting farm area with some baby goats....

then trudged through the closed amusement park to the Safari Adventure.

The kids wound up all the way at the front of the safari truck, while Jen and I were all the way at the back (at least for the first part of the trip).  I had the kids bring their binoculars in hopes that they would be able to get a closer view of the animals.  They definitely used the binoculars but the animals were also frequently pretty close to the truck.

After a little while we stopped at Camp Aventura for lunch and to visit with some of the babies that aren't in the main park. 
The stop included the chance to feed some giraffes!

For the second part of the ride through the Safari, Jen and I sat up front with the kids right behind us.  Plus side - I was able to get some pictures of the kids, negative side - the heat from the engines occasionally came through.

On one part of the ride, the guide (who greatly enjoyed sharing really bad puns with George), referred to this section of road as "The Chute" and told everyone they should put their hands in the air since it would be just like a roller coaster.

And this is how George feels about roller coasters.


An ostrich sitting on her eggs.

There were a ton of turkey vultures (native to our area, we see them all the time at home).

It was an excellent trip and I'm very glad we were able to participate.

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