Friday, June 10, 2016


Our life continues with the crazy.  

Steph graduated college!!!  She is now the possessor of a Bachelors Degree in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice.  She will be taking a year off then returning to graduate school.

The day after her commencement ceremony, the kids and I headed down to Florida to assist with a family situation.  We didn't do any of the vacation/tourist stuff, except swim in the pool a lot.

We took the autotrain down (not as good as it used to be!).
and did some nature study when Vicki caught an anole that was running around the condo.

But other than those somewhat interesting things, the kids primarily did school while we were down there.  We are still working on finishing up after all the disruptions this year and I didn't want to take another two weeks off.  The main thing they accomplished a lot of (thanks to no WiFi!) was reading.

Squidy completed books 1-5 in the Harry Potter series.  I'm going to pick up the last two books shortly so he can finish the series.   He also read all three books in the Mysterious Benedict Society series, The Phantom Tollbooth, and some books for our history unit.

Vicki read the Fudge series by Judy Blume (Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Otherwise Known As Sheila the Great, Fudge-A-Mania, etc.) and LOVED it.   I haven't seen her that excited about any books other than her Thea Stilton series.   I still have to pick up the last book for her, and I'm going to dig out my old Judy Blumes to see how she likes them.

Both kids still have a week or two left of their current grades.  We are going to start slowing down for the summer, at least on school work.  We will be plenty busy with other things this summer.  Vicki is joining the swim team at our lake for the first time.  This is the last year she can swim 8 and under so it's a good point for her to join, when the rules aren't quite as strict.  We will be exhibiting and working at the county 4-H Fair in July.  The kids will be continuing with Tai Kwan Do through the summer, and we will be doing lots of nature activities at the local county parks.

We will continue to work on our Westward Expansion unit (started this in Florida but won't post until we're done) and move on to the Civil War.  I also want to get back to our Evolution unit.  I didn't bring that to Florida since much of it is online activities and we didn't have WiFi there.

We've had three 4-H meetings since I last posted - Rube Goldberg machines, Rockets, and an Egg Drop Challenge.  Those activities can be seen here.

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