Friday, November 20, 2009

Teenagers, preschoolers and toddlers....OH MY!!!!

We've still been keeping things pretty light.  We had our YMCA classes on Monday, Mom's Club meeting on Tuesday, the usual running around with Steph and most of what we did this week was play games and a little reading. 

Vicki has been on a rampage this week getting into all the stuff that we thought was safely out of reach.  Not quite as bad as when she dumped all the fish food around their room, but bad enough.  Three rolls of toilet paper have been unrolled over the course of the week, she's scaling the fence around the fireplace and pulled out the candles and backing I had in recesses in the stone fireplace.   She emptied two boxes of wipes all over the floor, destroyed three boxes of tissues and repeatedly threw the diapers around.  I had to rearrange things to get all diapers, wipes and extra toilet paper out of her reach.   Between the two of them, Georgie and Vicki managed to totally destory the floor lamp in their room.  We're going to need to convert to a wall lamp of some sort.  So, it feels like I spent most of the week just following them around cleaning up messes.

Last night I took Stephanie to the midnight showing of New Moon (the Twilight sequel).  The theatre was running a special showing of Twilight right before it, which allowed for much better seating and less line waiting.  So, we arrived at the theatre at 7pm to line up, saw Twilight starting at 9pm, then New Moon at midnight.  We finally got home around 3am and, of course, Georgie was awake at 7am.  Sitting in a theatre in the middle of the night with hundreds of giggling, sighing, gasping teenagers - what a way to spend a night.  The things we do for our children.



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