Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Part II

We got back into our Thanksgiving studies this week, even though its a short week. It seemed like a good time to do our crafts.
First we made a Thanksgiving Wreath. We glued foam fall stickers to a paper plate with the middle cut out. Vicki loves anything having to do with glue, so this was a big hit.  Georgie was very methodical in lining up the stickers on his wreath.  He finished with an almost symmetrical design.
After the wreaths, we made the first of our Turkeys.   Georgie just glued his "feathers" to the back of the turkey's body.  Vicki seemed a little confused so she glued her's to a paper plate first and then added the turkey.  Once again, glue was a big hit with the little girl.

Vicki's wreath and turkey.

Georgie's turkey.

I don't like the way the glue makes anything printed on the ink jet change color and look weird but I haven't figured out a way around it yet.

After the paper turkeys, we made baby turkeys by sticking feathers into a styrofoam 1/2 ball, then putting a turkey body on the front.  Vicki was definitely more into the feathers than Georgie.  He spent a lot of time coloring in his turkeys body but only wanted to add a few feathers in a very definite pattern.

Vicki's baby turkey.

Georgie's baby turkey.

Our last project for the week was Cornucopia's.  Ask Georgie what a cornucopia is and he'll tell you "a cornucopia is a horn shaped basket filled with all the foods we are thankful for".  I wish I could say I taught him that but it actually came from Moose on Nick Jr.   Unfortunately, no pictures of the cornucopias, which were made by gluing pictures of fall harvest fruits and vegetables to a picture of a horn shaped basket, since both children went totally crazy with the glue and the pictures ended up getting stacked together before they were fully dry.

NEXT WEEK:  Greece!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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