Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Part I

Since George and I just returned from our vacation in Greece and there's lots of laundry, unpacking and organizing to do, I started really simple with our Christmas crafts.  I printed out a Christmas Tree from for them to glue pompom "ornaments" to. 

Vicki always loves anything to do with glue so this kept her occupied for a while.   She actually did much better than I thought she would at putting the pom poms in the blank spaces.  I wish I had sorted my pom poms by size before doing this project but I just never had the chance.  Of course, now that we're done I found the time to do it.

I'm very thankful lately that I bought a bunch of glue from Walmart for just 20 cents a bottle during their clearance after Back-to-School. 

Our completed Christmas trees.  Georgie decided to draw some presents under his tree.

After the trees I gave them paper and Winter-themed foam stickers.  Foam stickers are always a big hit and keep them occupied for quite a while without too much mess.  Peeling off the paper backing is great fine motor skill work.

Georgie with his completed picture.

Vicki didn't really have a completed picture to show since after a while she decided to stick the stickers to her belly.

We read Thomas's Christmas Delivery and listened to Christmas music while we were doing our crafts.

This ended up being all we were able to do this week.  We lost power Thursday evening and ended up not getting it back until late Friday morning.

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