Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Part II

Some crafts just seem to require glitter and Christmas crafts seem to top that list.  But glitter glue is way more expensive than plain glue ($2.99 for 3 ounces versus about a dollar for 6 ounces) especially given how the baby girl just LOVES glue.  And the idea of loose glitter with these two is way too scary.  So, after some internet research, I decided to make our own glitter glue.  I had about 15 bottles of elmers glue that I had bought on back-to-school clearance for 20c a piece.  So, I bought gold and silver glitter ($1.99 each) and added it to some of our glue. 

Then we made our bowtie pasta wreaths.  I did have to make the hole bigger on one of the glue bottles and completely remove the red twisting cap from the other.  George was, as usual, very meticulous with his wreath.  He glued green bowties evenly around the plate then added a red bowtie on top of each green one.  Vicki mainly spread glue around and only added a small number of bowties - some red and some green.  I'm waiting to see how the glue will look once dry since it will dry clear except for the glitter. 

Georgie did some simple math while doing his wreath.  I had deliberately given them more green than red bowties since the red were supposed to be like berries on an evergreen wreath.  He had added all except seven of his red bowties and started to realize he wouldn't have enough.  He counted the green bowties left without red bowties (14), then counted his remaining red bowties (7).   He then told me he didn't have enough red bowties to finish and needed 7 more.  This kind of thing seems to come pretty naturally to him.  He's very interested in numbers and adding/subtracting.

After our wreaths, while I was cleaning up the kids made snowflakes.  I gave them large foam snowflakes and a bunch of foam snowflake stickers to put on them.   Stickers are always a hit and, since the mess isn't too bad, they are perfect for keeping them busy while I clean up from a messier craft or set up something new.

We made cotton ball snowmen.  George was more interested in putting on the features and accessories than the cotton balls but Vicki  (who will use glue for as long as possible) put lots of cotton on hers.

We tried making glue and Q-tip snowflakes by putting a large puddle of glitter glue on waxed paper and adding Q-tips.  But, instead of just adding the Q-tips, Vicki used them to spread the glue out.  The idea is to peel off the glue once it dries and stick the "snowflakes" to a window but Vicki had spread her glue too thin and Georgie didn't use enough glue.

Georgie did a couple of writing/tracing pages with Christmas/Winter theme words and his full name while Vicki and I worked on shape activities.  Vicki's activities were printed off from  She was able to name most of the shapes but was a little confused with rectangle and oval.

Vicki ended up catching George's cold and then giving it to me so we took it pretty easy the rest of the week.   We did make wild bird treats with peanut butter and seeds, and glittery soaps as presents.  Georgie helped stir the glitter and coloring into the soap flakes but didn't want to get soap on his hands.  Vicki loved grabbing handfuls of soap to put in cookie cutters to make shaped soaps, or to roll into balls.  We also decorated gift bags by stamp painting using cookie cutters and using foam stickers.

We got a decent snowstorm over the weekend and Georgie kept begging to go outside and play.  We tried to keep Vicki inside since she still has a little bit of a cold but of course, that didn't work.  George took them out to play for a little while with Zappa.   They didn't have much in the way of snow gear so we dressed them in layers, dug out some gloves and out they went.  It was pretty cold so we didn't think they's last too long.

Vicki started out by scooping up big handfuls of snow and throwing them in the air.

Then Daddy taught them about snowball fights.

As a Samoyed, Zappa is just made for the snow and loves running around in it.

They jumped on the snow covered trampoline for a little while.

Then Georgie decided to try and shovel the yard.

After about an hour, they came back in crying because they wanted to stay outside.  They were soaked, cold and ready for more.  I spent about two hours online trying to find snow pants, boots and decent gloves for them at a time of year when stores are already ready for Spring.

Vicki also loved playing with our Little People Nativity set.  She loves pressing the button on top (which plays "Away in a Manger") and singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".  This is the first year she is really aware of what's going on and it's been lots of fun introducing her to everything.

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