Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bugs and Insects - Day 1

Our bug/insect unit is a long one and I'm planning for six full days of activities.  We're starting off with general bug/insect information, then will spend a day each on Spiders, Ladybugs, Ants, Bumblebees and Caterpillars/Butterflies. 

We started off our Bug/Insect unit by going on a bug hunt.  I hid small plastic bugs around the living room and the kids had to find them.

While they played with the bugs they found we began discussing "what is a bug?" and "what is an insect?"  Georgie already knew that insects had 6 legs but at first still said that a spider was an insect.   We did a bunch of worksheets and activities from The Learning Page on insect anatomy and distinguishing an insect from other animals.   We also read the emergent reader Bugs from Hubbards Cupboard.  We're going to read this each day so George gets familiar with the words.

We used water colors to paint a bug shape and make our own bugs.

We made a sticker collage using bee, butterfly, ant and flower stickers.  They were plastic scrapbook stickers on a clear plastic backing and they were very hard to pull off the backing.  I began taking them off for Vicki and sticking them on the edge of the table for her to use but she decided that the table was where they belonged.  It was supposed to be a sticker scene but Georgie lined his up in neat rows, as usual.

While we did our unit I played some of the kids music I finally downloaded.  They loved a real peppy version of "the Itsy Bitsy Spider" that I think is done by Little Richard, and "Ladybug Picnic".   Vicki loved dancing around to the music but for some reason started doing the chicken dance.   After hearing "Ladybug Picnic" Georgie pulled a blanket out of the bedroom and requested a picnic lunch.

They used markers to do some worksheets and coloring pages.  This is what happens when I leave the room for too long while the markers are out.

We played some Scrabble Jr and I realized that Georgie goes right for the short three letter words so he can collect triangles faster.  When he didn't have a "P" to finish APE right away, he started to pout a little.   The game ended shortly afterward.

Today's resources included: Science Encyclopedia, Magic School Bus Explores the World of Bugs and Your Big Backyard magazine from July 2009.


  1. Hee hee I loved the picture of Vicki with the marker make-up! You're doing a fantastic job of documenting these wonderful early years. Perfect! ~Julie Genovese (from SHC)

  2. Thank you. I'm finding that blogging is much more fun (and easier to keep up) than a handwritten journal - and that is my main reason for doing this. If some of the things we do give ideas to others, that's good too. :-)