Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fun at the Zoo

We went to a local zoo today.  It was a beautiful Spring day and we had a great time seeing all the animals.

The prairie dogs were a favorite.  We went fairly early and they were outside eating so we were able to get a pretty close look at them.

George really liked the rhea.

The guanacos look just like the alpacas we see on the farm by our house all the time.

In the Education Center we saw cave cockroaches.  I guess I'm doing a good job of not having my dislike for all things creepy crawly rub off on the kids since Vicki piped up with "I love cockroaches".  Of course, she also said she loved turtles, starfish, frogs and snakes.

After we saw all the animals, we rode the train.

We had a nice picnic lunch and finished up with some ice cream. 
A bunch of peacocks came to see us while we were eating our ice cream. They were very curious and came within a couple of feet of where we were sitting.  The kids wanted to "pet" them but I didn't think that was a good idea.

The zoo we went to had a very nice and extensive playground with 3 different sections to climb on and a sandbox.  The kids enjoyed playing but the day was getting hot and we were all tired.  Both kids fell asleep on the ride home (doesn't help that we ended up getting lost and it took us over an hour).

I was planning to start our animal unit next week but George spent the beginning of this week with Granny Franny.  We still need to finish up our plant unit and do our Earth Day/recycling unit.

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