Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer School

I have been planning to homeschool year round to account for the frequent breaks we take but so far we haven't achieved much.  Between all the year-end stuff we have to do for Stephanie's school and dance, camping trips and preparing to go to South Carolina for Nationals, things have been chaotic.  But, I did manage to pull out a couple of things for the kids to do.

I recently purchased the Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center for each of the kids.  These come with a set of templates but you can also use in your own, which makes it a very versatile tool.

Georgie started by tracing his letters.  This is a sheet I printed out for him to practice lower case letters.  After tracing the letters he wrote his name at the top and a few random words at the bottom.
He was having a lot of fun with the wipe-off board so he wanted to continue playing with it.  Using one of the templates that came with the Activity Center, he thought of words that began with each letter of the alphabet.  He was able to think of words on his own but couldn’t spell many of them so I would spell them for him to write.
After the word hunt, he decided to write a story.  The picture at the top is a clock (his current fascination) which has nothing to do with the story itself.  This is another one of the templates that came with the activity center.  The story is “The dog with polka dots plays with the cat.  The End.”
The kids played with our balance scale and Unifix cubes for a little while….
and then I was brave enough to pull out our rice bin again.  I finally managed to color some rice which made a nice pretty rainbow…
which lasted about 10 seconds.  About how long it took for rice to get off the towel I laid down and onto the carpet.
I’m still going to try and get in the occasional school activities during the summer but I’m letting go a little bit so we can enjoy ourselves as well.

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