Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Captain Vicki here - Ahoy Mateys!

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We went on another camping trip over the Fourth of July weekend, this time in Egg Harbor.  On Saturday we all went out fishing by Absecon Bay.  Unfortunately I forgot my camera since there was lots of picture-worthy fun.
Vicki had a great time playing Pirate and pretending to drive the boat.  "Captain Vicki here, Ahoy Mateys.  Yo Ho Yo Ho, a Pirate's life for me.  We are mighty Pirates."  Whenever Daddy had to take over steering the boat (anytime we were actually moving), she'd say "Aye, Aye Captain Daddy".

Vicki caught her first (and second and third) fish.  All three were flounder that were too small to keep, they were the first catches of the day and all three were caught within 10 minutes.  She reeled them in all by herself.

Shortly after, Georgie caught a Sea Robin - also not a fish we keep.  Daddy ended up catching the only keepers - two fish that were absolutely yummy cooked in Zesty Italian dressing since we didn't bring any garlic, onion or olive oil camping.

Mommy caught the last fish, another little flounder that was too small to keep.

Back at the campground, we cooled off by swimming in the lake.  It was a very hot weekend (hitting the 90's here which is pretty unusual) so being in the cool water was wonderful.
Another first for the weekend - Georgie stepped on a bee and was stung.  At first we thought he picked up a splinter - both kids were running around the campsite barefoot - but it swelled up pretty quickly.  He was not a happy little camper for a little while.  Although he seemed to enjoy making Daddy carry him from the picnic table to the chairs around the fire and back again (a few times).   My poor little guy, doesn't he look pitiful?

Later that night, after some ice cream helped his foot feel better (along with Benedryl cream), we went over to the beach to watch the fireworks.  This is the first time the kids have seen fireworks since we are usually away from home and don't know where to go to see any.  Georgie is also very sensitive to noise so we weren't sure how he would take it.  He did okay for most of the show.  When they started going off all at once, he didn't want to stay anymore and went back to the campsite with Daddy.

Daddy is always telling me that getting dirty is all part of the fun of camping.  Evidently Vicki agrees with him wholeheartedly.

This is our last camping trip for a while.   We're heading down to Myrtle Beach soon for Stephanie's dance Nationals, then we have our Annual Pool Party/BBQ.  We are considering a trip up to Mystic Connecticut for Labor Day weekend.

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  1. Aww! Getting stung is no fun. I got stung by a bee when I was little and now I'm petrified of anything that flies with a stinger. I run around screaming if one is near me!

    I love the dirty face picture. There's nothing like getting dirty from head to toe.