Sunday, July 18, 2010

Miniature Golf

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Our last day in Myrtle Beach we decided to take the kids to play Miniature Golf before our final trip to the Beach.  There are a ton of really elaborate mini golf courses in Myrtle Beach so it was hard to chose one but we finally decided on a really outrageous one called Mount Atlanticus Minotaur Goff.  The course wound up and down stairs, among waterfalls, rivers and ponds, and beautiful flowers.
IMG_4425 IMG_4411
Vicki ended up getting 4 holes-in-one (with a little help from Daddy).  Each time she finished a hole she would throw her arms in the air, jump up and down and scream “I did it!!”.  There were a couple of teenage boys playing behind us (and usually waiting for us to finish).  Vicki told them all about it…”I did it boys, I got the ball in the hole, I won!!”
IMG_4432Georgie’s style resembled hockey more than golf.  He would drag the club along the ground and into the ball.   He explained to me that it was all about leverage and when I tried to help him (and it didn’t go well) he was upset with me.  “Mom, you messed up my leverage!!”.
His style was interesting but actually pretty effective.
We could see the ocean from the top of the course.
  It ended up being a fun way to spend an hour or so.    The most important thing was to not pay any attention to the score.

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  1. We live in SC and vacation at Pawleys Island each Summer. We've played at this same place several times.

    Hope you had a super time! Looks like you did:-).