Monday, January 3, 2011

Two Great Giveaways at Secular Homeschool

Secular Homeschool has two great giveaways for January.

First is Arithmetic Village:
"These brand new, beautiful books introduce simple math concepts through whimsical rhymes and light-hearted characters. Polly Plus collects jewels slowly and methodically. Linus Minus is carefree and careless, losing jewels throughout the village. Tina times discovered the trick that adding in groups can make counting quick. King David Divide is obsessively fair. He always makes sure all people receive their fair share. If a group of jewels cannot be divided equally, the left over jewels go to his dog, Rover (who represents remainder.)"

and the other is Learning At Home:  A Mother's Guide to Homeschooling.
"This book offers honest, insightful observations about children, learning, and family relationships. Marty Layne has drawn on her experience of homeschooling her four children to provide a warm and delightful book, filled with obvious affection and love."

Check out Secular Homeschool for more information and to enter to win.

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