Friday, June 24, 2011

Keeping Busy

Late June is always the busiest time of year around our house and this year is no exception.  Steph is finishing up another year of school (a Senior next year – YIKES!), dance pictures, dress rehearsal, getting ready for recital and then Nationals.

Steph also attended her Junior Prom this week with her boyfriend Feyi. 


Georgie spent the week on vacation with Granny Franny so it was just us girls all week.  Vicki and I did play games and have some fun girl time, but mostly I spent the week preparing all the printable games I had from the various Scholastic Dollar Deal ebooks I ordered, and reorganizing some of our older games from Kelly’s Kindergarten. 

We school year round but a little lighter in the summer.  This year we are also going to be staying with my parents while our new house is being built so I need to avoid large projects.  Games, field trips and lots of reading is the plan for this year. 

The printable board games are easy – they are laminated into file folders.  The card games are harder.  I’ve been storing them in zip-loc baggies with the directions taped to the front.  But I didn’t like how I had to look through all of them to find what I wanted and the cards would curl or get bent.  So, I used cardstock and made boxes for the card games, with the directions printed on the lid.


They now store nicely in a shallow plastic drawer along with a variety of dice. 

As we play the various games, I’ll try to feature how we play them, any modifications we make for Vicki and where they came from.    We now have about 20 printable games which work on skills such as sight words, CVC words, letter sounds, following directions, counting and addition, as well as a couple of generic gameboards.

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