Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Let’s Bowl!!

A few weeks ago I signed the kids up for the Kids Bowl Free program.   Our local bowling alley has a homeschool league and I figured this would be the perfect chance to see if the kids would be ready for it in the Fall.   It’s also a good place to hang out when it’s raining or just too hot to be outside. 

This was their first experience bowling outside of the Wii.   We started out really strong – Vicki got a spare her very first frame and it didn’t even bounce off the bumpers.  She pulled off another spare her last frame but had a little extra help by then.


I was actually surprised that both kids were able to throw the ball hard enough to make it down the lane.  Georgie’s technique consisted of tossing the ball and falling to the ground.


After about 5 frames we started using one of the ramps the bowling alley provides for little kids to use.  Vicki would place her ball on the top, take a few steps back and run up to give it a push.  She actually scored worse with the ramp but I didn’t think the kids would be able to handle throwing the ball for two whole games.



Their favorite part of bowling was running back after they threw their second balls to watch the videos that played on the overhead screen.  When the player knocked over less than 5 pins total it played a video showing the pins marching out of a jail cell while the ball snoozed to the side.  That one was Georgie’s favorite.  ;-)

I’ve only been bowling once or twice in the past 7 years (since I was pregnant with Georgie) but before that I was on a league with George Sr.   Our company bowling league is actually where we met.   I had pretty decent scores – 129 the first game and 158 the second game (finished up with two strikes, a spare then two strikes and 9 in the tenth frame).   I swear I didn’t use the bumpers at all.  ;-D

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