Thursday, March 28, 2013

4-H Cloverbuds: Quilting, Sewing and Build-A-Bear

This months theme for 4-H was quilting/sewing.   For our discussion, we looked at the seams on our clothing, discussed how people used to make their own clothes, and how every left-over scrap of fabric would be used to make quilts.  We looked at some quilt patterns, and then they used squares, rectangles and triangles of scrapbook paper to make their own quilts.

IMG_1840 IMG_1843IMG_1841  IMG_1844

I brought along needles and thread to let the kids try some sewing if they wanted to, but this particular day ended up not being a good one to hand them sharp objects, so anyone who finished early was able to make St. Patrick’s Day decorations.


Our field trip for this month was a trip to Build-A-Bear.   Our leader showed the kids the little needle and thread she carries around to make repairs, and the tiny pair of scissors hanging from her name badge.  She also had them look at the stitches that were used to close up the back of the bears after they are stuffed.  This was Vicki and George’s first time at Build-A-Bear (I had been there before with Steph) and they really loved it.  George is already planning his next two Bears.

IMG_1907a  IMG_1917a IMG_1930a IMG_1939a IMG_1947a IMG_1957a bab1

We had a special heart covered dog made for Steph to bring to school and know that she had our love and hugs with her.

Next month we are taking a trip to the Fish Hatchery and learning more about fish and fishing.

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