Thursday, March 28, 2013

Human Body: Digestive System

Our next body system was the Digestive system.   The kids started off by watching The Magic School Bus For Lunch and then we read about it in our various encyclopedias.  

We looked at a poster we put together from Scholastic Human Body Projects that told about each stage of digestion, and also read through the notebook page from REAL Science Odyssey.


One of our encyclopedias mentioned that the small intestine is approximately 15 feet long, so I gave the kids approximately 15 feet of yarn and had them stand apart to see how long that was.  We then bunched it up to show how the intestine sits in the body.


George completed the lab worksheet from RSO, then wrote in his journal about the digestive system.  He drew a picture for each stage but only commented on the rectum/anus picture - “EWWWW”. 


We finished up by playing the Chewed Up Food race game at Scholastic.  The game involves putting the organs of the digestive system in the correct places before the time runs out.  I ended up helping them because the liver and pancreas were included and we didn’t really say much about those.

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