Friday, March 7, 2014

Native Americans - Seminole

The final tribe/region for the Native American study is the Native Americans of the Southeastern Woodlands and the Seminole.

The Native Americans of the SE had an advantage over many of the other tribes.  They lived in region with many game animals, plentiful fish and the perfect climate for farming.  Houses for these tribes were often just a platform with a straw roof to keep out the hot sun.

The kids read about the Southeastern Natives and completed their notebook pages.   It is easy to see how much progress Vicki has made with coloring since we started these.

They learned about the Seminole tribe and colored the last of the title and dictionary cards, and put the last of the shelter stamps on the map.

The Seminole would wear colorful, elaborate headdresses when participating in celebrations.  The kids each colored their own headdress.

They made small belt pouches similar to those used by various native tribes.

The study of Native Americans was completed by reading about some modern day native children in our Children Just Like Me book.

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