Friday, March 28, 2014

Nature Study Saturday - Week 2

We lucked out with another beautiful day for our second week of Nature Study on March 22nd.

Since the Spring Equinox was just a few days prior, we started out by reading about the Equinox in our Nature Connections book.    When we recorded the times for sunrise and sunset and the hours of daylight, we noticed that between last week and this week, we switched from more hours of darkness to more hours of daylight.   (Yeah!!)

This week when we went around looking for signs of Spring we actually found some!  The first crocuses were blooming in the side yard.  Every year we dig up the crocuses that come up there and move them into the garden beds in the back.  And every single year more come up in the early Spring.

When I talked excitedly about the first crocuses, Georgie pointed out that they were the “first crocuses at our house”.  I guess he has a point there.
Vicki also mentioned that we were seeing a lot more birds, as a sign of Spring.  (it could also be a sign of the bird seed we are putting out again).  It was also pretty warm, an indication that Spring was here!

We did our three tracking pictures – rhododendron (buds still tightly closed), front yard (still bare branches), and back yard (still no leaves but no snow either so that's progress) and compared them to last weeks pictures. 

The only real difference is the lack of snow.  Still no sign of buds on the trees or opening up on the rhododendron.

This week Vicki was more willing to join in the notebook activities.  They added last week’s observation pictures, filled out the Nature Notes (George drew a picture of our fence this time).

Then Vicki hung out with Daddy soaking up some sunshine. 


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