Saturday, January 24, 2015


We had a busy holiday season this year.   Vicki finally decided to give choir a try (after letting her brother talk her out of it) and it turns out we went just in time to get involved with the Pageant.  And not just Vicki, George agreed to do the pageant as well (and has continued doing choir since then).

George was a king and a villager, while Vicki was an angel. 

They enjoyed doing some fun Christmas crafts with Jen, including making a special soft friend....

and perler bead ornaments.

We went to a local garden shop that does a display every year and where I used to take Steph every year to pick out a special ornament.  I hadn't been there in many, many, many years (probably close to 15 years.)  The displays were very nice, and the kids enjoyed a fun "find the elf" game that went along with them, but I was disappointed in the ornament selection.  This used to be the place you could find an ornament for just about anything fun and trendy.   Now most of the store was taken up with toys and junk they were trying to sell to the lines of people waiting to see Santa Claus.  (which these guys did not want to do). 

Christmas was a lot of fun and I even managed to get a decent picture of the entire family for a change.

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