Saturday, January 24, 2015


The kids did a brief Health unit using Health Studies Weekly.  Studies Weekly puts out a variety of weekly newsletters (remember those 4 page flyers we used to get in school? Like those.) on a variety of topics.  The kids have used a few of the Social Studies issues in the past.

They did the second grade Health, which might have been a little simple for George but since it was their first time doing formal Health (outside of what you just do in everyday life) it seems a good place to start.  Plus I already had it. :-)

The Health consisted of 6 units covering topics like healthcare providers, eating well, getting enough sleep and exercise, learning about cells and systems, avoiding bullies, and making healthy choices.

As part of learning about healthy food choices, they worked though the Evan Moor Food Pocket Book that can be found in the Evan Moor Theme Pockets - November.

They learned about the different food groups and made Rainbow Sticks (fruit kabobs).

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