Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Camping in Mystic with Hurricane Earl

Actually, by the time he hit Connecticut he had been downgraded to Tropical Storm Earl.  We arrived in Mystic on Thursday and immediately heard about Earl’s expected arrival.   When we were still at home, the weather reports just said rain for Friday but once we were there, weather.com was predicting heavy rains and wind gusts up to 50 mph.    And we were camping…..in a tent…..with two little kids.  So, after lots of discussion, we decided to upgrade to a Kozy Kabin for Friday night.  (Daddy and I agreed that if it was just us, we’d be okay in the tent but with the kids….)
Less than 24 hours after putting up our tent and setting up camp, we were taking down our tent and repacking everything.   I think Earl hit with much less than the expected impact (don’t know for sure since the worst was expected at 1am but there was lots of rain) but it was still worth it.  Entertaining two little kids in a cold, damp tent would have been a lot more challenging than in a somewhat larger, warm and dry cabin.  The bunk beds alone kept the kids amused for quite a while.
Vicki had fun sitting on the porch swing with her new friend Cedric (aka Beary Cedric and Cedric the Bear) and teaching him to drink tea.  Tea in the morning is a new camping tradition.
IMG_4590 IMG_4592
When we first arrived on Thursday afternoon, the campground was nice and quiet.  We went and explored the playground where they had a giant, jumping pillow.  I had never seen anything like it but according to Daddy it was very similar to the landing surfaces used in pole vaulting pits.   The kids (and Daddy and I) had a great time jumping around on it, as the sun set.
IMG_4575b IMG_4581 IMG_4585b
We didn’t spend a lot of time at the campground and it was a lot more crowded over the weekend (the kids weren’t able to jump on the giant pillow again because of all the older kids being rough), but they did get a chance to play some miniature golf.  The campground had a 9 hole course and we let the kids play by their own rules.
IMG_4819 IMG_4822
And they had fun climbing around the playground.
Coming up:  the Mystic Aquarium and Mystic Seaport.

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