Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: 9/13/2010-9/17/2010

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This was our first full week of the year and we were able to get quite a bit accomplished despite one extremely rough day (I may do a post about it but I'm not sure I want to think about it again).


For Reading:  We are continuing with Explode the Code.  Georgie is finding this very easy right now but since he doesn't mind we are going to just keep going in order.  I don't want to skip ahead and then find he wasn't ready.  He was able to read a couple of emergent readers all by himself and was very excited.

For Spelling: I forgot to mention it last week but we began All About Spelling.  So far we have worked on Units 1 and 2.  Georgie already knew all the phonograms for letters with a single sound, the short sound for all the vowels and the long sound for some of them.  He isn't at all familiar with the 3rd and 4th sounds for the vowels and Y so we will continue reviewing those as we go along.

Georgie did a great job with using the tokens to segment words in Unit 2.  He had no problem with any of the 2 or 3 sound words.

Our next unit we will be introducing the letter tiles.  I'm sure he will love using them but I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to keep Vicki from "helping".

For Writing:   Georgie did writing sheets for Bb and numbers 1 and 2.  We are also working on correct posture while writing.

For Math:  We did Lessons 13 and 14 from MEP which are still on greater than/less than/equals to.  Once a week we are going to take a break from MEP to learn about time or money.  This week we learned about pennies and surprisingly, all the pennies disappeared after our lesson.  I may have to rethink using real money when we start on bills. 


For Reading:  We did a project on F is for feathers that we didn't get to last week.  Vicki still was uninterested in the Get Ready for the Code activities so I decided to put those away for now and just do fun projects starting at the beginning of the alphabet.  For the letter A we did a letter search page, a dabber page and made an apple out of a lowercase a.

For Math:  We moved on to the number 2 and did a sticker activity page and some dabber pages.  Then Vicki played with our Unifix blocks and balance scale.

Both kids started a homeschool gymnastics class this week.  I was worried that Georgie may be the only boy in the class but instead it turned out Vicki was the only girl!  Quite a surprise but I think it will be a good experience for both of them.

Georgie had his second soccer game.  He did much better at paying attention and going after the ball this time.  At least for the first half of the game.  He ended up losing interest and running off to play before the game was over.

Science:  For Science this week we studied how the Earth's rotation causes Day and Night.  For more details, check out this post.


  1. What a fun week! I miss those years. The pictures are adorable and I'm cracking up over the writing posture. LOL.

  2. Looks like a great week! Love the pic with the chair falling over!


  3. Oh my word, I laughed at his writing posture. They do get comfortable in the most....uncomfortable...positions, don't they??