Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up 9/6/2010 - 9/10/2010

We had a short week thanks to the Labor Day holiday and the clean-up from last weekends camping trip in Mystic.  The Mystic Aquarium and Mystic Seaport were pretty educational field trips so maybe we can call it a long week.  ;-)

For Reading:  Georgie picked up where we left off in Explode the Code.  He knows most of the cvc words so this is  review but I want to do it in order to make sure there are no gaps and also because it's good writing practice.  We also read a variety of Emergent Readers and Leveled Readers.

For Writing:  Georgie is doing handwriting sheets from Donna Young and Learning Page.   Georgie does very well writing upper case letters but I want him to work more on proper formation and lower case letters.  We're just going to take the alphabet in order for now and do 2-3 pages a week with additional practice using lined wipe-off boards or the chalkboard.

For Math: We are continuing MEP Year 1 and are on Lesson 13.  We started by playing Greater Than/Less Than/Equal To War since I was afraid Georgie might have forgotten a lot of it.  He remembered but when doing his worksheets I had to convince him the "mouth" is always open toward the larger number.  He kept deciding the alligator wasn't really that hungry so wanted to "eat" the lower number.

Once we finished our MEP lesson he wanted to do more so I gave him some addition worksheets to do for fun. 

For Reading:  I got Get Ready for the Code for Vicki to do while Georgie did his ETC.  She did okay with it but wasn't really that interested.  I had her do some bingo dabber pages from Making Learning Fun with the letter F (which is the first letter in GRFTC).  Georgie wanted to do them also so he ended up doing one of the ones I printed for Vicki.  I'll have to remember to print out pages for him to do for fun.  She sat in as Georgie and I read the Emergent and Leveled Readers.

She put face stickers on a letter F outline.

For Math:  We did some counting of Unifix blocks and she put one sticker on each number 1 on a worksheet. She really wanted to do Georgie's MEP lesson with him but it is way too advanced for her.  I was thinking of starting MEP Reception with her but decided not to.  I may have to rethink that if she keeps wanting more.

We do Science and History together.  We will be doing just one or the other each week and, in general, alternating between them.  This week we did the Gravity lesson from Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding.  We discussed why things fall down and read I Fall Down by Vicki Cobb and Why Don't Things Fall Up. We also watched the Magic School Bus episode The Magic School Bus Gains Weight.

I didn't like the oil and water experiment in BFSU so instead I did an experiment that I found in both The Usborne Book of Science Experiments and online at called The Clown That Won't Lie Down.  I modified it slightly and made two different clowns using a paper craft printout from  One had playdoh weighing down the bottom and the other didn't.   We discussed why the weighted clown always stood back up and why the unweighted clown kept falling over.  I'm glad I set this up ahead of time because I found that the stand-up clown didn't work unless the play-doh filled up the ping-pong ball completely and was completely level.
George drew a notebook page for our experiment and colored in a cover for our Science notebook.

Not too bad for our first week.


  1. Love some of you ideas! I'll have to remember them for the future.