Saturday, February 22, 2014

Native Americans - Navajo

The kids learned about the Navajo and other Native Americans of the Southwest with Jennifer.

The started out by reading about Native Americans of the Southwest (from an Evan-Moor book) and discussing what they learned.    George colored his picture (he really LOVES different colors) and said “rock and mud houses.  The people of the Southwest lived in a hot dry climate.”


While Vicki remembered that “They lived in hogans.  The Pueblo people used clay, water and straw to build houses.”

They then moved on to The Navajo of the Southwest History Pocket.   We don’t set up the history pockets the way Evan-Moor suggests.  Instead, after reading the information on the Navajo, they each color their own title page and dictionary cards.   George’s get added to a chart, while Vicki glues hers to paper to put in our history notebook.

Navajo_1 Navajo_6


Both kids colored in the shelter stamps to add to the map.


The kids learned more about the Navajo by reading Turquoise Boy: Navajo Legend, Keepers of the Earth and In a Circle Long Ago

They then did many many activities to learn more. 

They made Navajo necklaces with beads and foil covered cardboard to simulate silver.

IMG_3824 IMG_3823

The Navajo are known for brightly colored rugs in geometric patterns and bright colors.  The kids colored their own versions.


They made Native American pendants with stylized Eagle.












They made fetish good luck charms out of clay.  George made a penguin…


while Vicki made a long, thin dolphin.


They made Navajo skin bags to hold their fetishes.

IMG_3867 IMG_3868

and last but not least, they made coil pots out of clay.

Navajo_12 IMG_3833

Just two more tribes/regions to go.

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