Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: Week of Feb 3rd

The past few weeks have been a little crazy and sporadic for one reason only:  SNOW!  We have been getting ridiculous amounts of snow and ice this winter, which has led to days off work and school.  We have about two feet of snow/ice covering our entire yard at the moment.  A lot of the local towns are running short of salt and most of the roads are plowed barely a car width wide.    Needless to say, I can’t wait until Spring is here.

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Language Arts

HWT 1st:  Vicki has completed through page 61 in HWT.  She is no longer doing extra number practice because she is doing her own writing for math now!

Scholastic DoDEA Skill Builder Grammar, Usage and Mechanics Grade 1:  This is working great as a nice, slow introduction to grammar.  She will move on to Grade 2 when she finishes this one.   She continuted to learn about telling sentences and questions this week.

Scholastic Second Grade Basic Skills, Reading Comprehension:  Vicki completed the 1st grade book and moved onto the 2nd grade book.  This week’s activities included learning about synonyms.  This book was one of my (many) Scholastic Dollar Days acquisitions. 

The Wand:  She finished up the activities for Hop on Pop, which included phonics, prefixes, suffixes and base words, and past tense.


Math Mammoth 1A:  She’s reaching the end of MM1A and will move on to 1B.  She enjoys making up stories to go along with the problems and turning them into word problems.

Evan Moor Skill Sharpeners Math Gr 1:  She had activities on addition/subtraction to 14, and graphing this week.

Vicki has also been doing some activities from another Scholastic Dollar Days find – Second Grade Basic Skills which has skip-counting dot-to-dots, mazes and word searches.


Language Arts

HWT Cursive:  George is up to page 55 in his HWT cursive book.  Once he finishes this book, we may not bother with the next book and just concentrate on practice.

Evan Moor Skill Sharpeners Spell and Write Gr 4:  Spelling is going very well now that he types his answers on the computer instead of doing them orally.  He usually has no problem spelling all the words correctly.  This weeks words were: few, blue, clue, choose, ooze, dangerous, gentle, strange, giant, poison, cousin and toxic.   This week also covered synonyms, adjectives, and included a passage about Rainforest frogs.

Evan Moor Daily Reading Comprehension Gr 4:  He continues to do well with reading comprehension, as long as he reads the passages carefully.  A few

Evan Moor Word-A-Day Gr 3: This weeks words were: independent, inflate, adjustable and astonish.  Each week two or three of the words might be ones he already knows, but we are also using this to practice dictionary skills – he looks up each word in the dictionary before answering the questions.

Writing with Ease: This week’s activities were from The Tale of Peter Rabbit.  He is still doing copywork in manuscript since he hasn’t yet gone through all the letters in HWT.    His narrations for each passage were “They were rabbits” and “Mr. McGregor almost caught Peter in the shed”. 

Reading:  He has done a lot of reading recently.  I keep forgetting to write the books down from his log but I’m going to try and remember to do it next week.  He is currently reading Charlotte’s Web in preparation for next weeks WWE activities.


Math Mammoth (4A):  He has completed Chapter 1 through Order of Operations.  Since this was his first introduction to OOO, they are spending some more time practicing before moving on.

Scholastic Algebra Readiness Made Easy Gr 5:   He seems to have gotten the hang of the array puzzles and should be moving on to the next set of puzzles shortly. 

Scholastic Solve the Riddle Math Practice Multiplication and Division:   He’s working his way through these, usually without using his chart. 

Scholastic Logic Posters, Problems and Puzzles:  He’s almost finished with this book so I’m going to be picking up something new.  He really likes doing the grid puzzles so we may just go for more of those.

The kids are making good progress and are right on track where they should be. 

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