Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week Ending: January 31, 2014

This week the kids went on a nature walk to learn about tracks and millipedes….

pyramid mtn 5

learned all about snakes, thanks to the new member of our family…..


and went to the library for a Valentine’s craft.

craft 1


Language Arts

HWT 1st:  completed through page 54.  Sometimes does 1 page a day, sometimes 2 pages.

Scholastic DoDEA Skill Builder Grammar, Usage and Mechanics Grade 1:  learned about question sentences and when to use a question mark

Scholastic First Grade Basic Skills, Reading Comprehension:  Vicki is almost done with the 1st grade book and will move right into 2nd grade. Jen has been successful at transitioning from doing these orally to having Vicki write in the answers.

The Wand: Week 2 of Level 1 – Hop on Pop

Reading: Vicki has been reading a mix of Dr. Seuss, Junie B. Jones, Magic Tree House, and all about snakes.


Math Mammoth 1A: She is almost done with MM1A and will move into MM1B.

Evan Moor Skill Sharpeners Math Gr 1: This week’s Evan Moor included pages about the calendar, counting, numbers before and after, addition and subtraction to 14, adding three numbers, and number words.


Language Arts

HWT Cursive:  Completed through page 52, he usually is just doing one page a day.

Evan Moor Skill Sharpeners Spell and Write Gr 4: This week’s passage was about Pompeii and the spelling words were: also, almost, awful, awesome, early, earth, wonder, shower, world, worst, volcano, erupt.  Jen has been working with him and he’s doing a lot more of his writing using correct case, instead of always in upper case. 

The writing assignment this week was to pretend to be a tv reporter sent to report on the eruption of a volcano.  George’s report: 

The smell was awful.  It made my nose want to explode. They should call it a stink-ano.  The ash and meteors coming out of it was green with a green fire trail.  It seems like this is the world’s stinkiest eruption ever.  It was stinky but awesome.  I hear big eruptions that sound like 1,000 garbage cans falling at once.  About halfway through it started sounding like 1,000 stinky boars.

He also wrote an acrostic poem:


Not sure where he came up with Omega from.

Evan Moor Daily Reading Comprehension Gr 4:  George has completed through page 86, which is about 1/2 way through the Grade 4 book. 

Evan Moor Word-A-Day Grade 3:  This week’s words were irritable, mob, launch, fidgety.  

Writing with Ease:  This week’s passages were on Mary Poppins. 

Reading:  George has been reading the Stink books, and enjoying them a lot.


Math Mammoth (4A):  George has started MM4A. He has been doing a lot more of his own writing here as well.

Scholastic Algebra Readiness Made Easy Gr 5: These have all been array problems lately, which seem to be harder than some of the other types (even to me!).  He only has a few more pages before he starts a new section that I suspect will be easier.

Scholastic Solve the Riddle Math Practice Multiplication and Division:  He’s doing much better solving these without using his chart.

Scholastic Logic Posters, Problems and Puzzles:  He is currently working through the section on poster puzzles.  Each poster has four different pictures – a garden, a flag, etc. and questions need to be answered to figure out which picture is the correct answer.   Once he’s finished with these (there aren’t that many), I’ll have to find another good book of logic puzzles.



The kids have both been making great progress and enjoying their work with Jen.  

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