Thursday, April 14, 2011

Finally – A Nice Spring Day!

We finally had some decent weather around here.  The kids and I took advantage of it to spend the entire day outside.

We went to a local county park that has a great overlook where you can see New York City on a clear day.  I’ve been going to this park since I was young enough that my dad had to carry me part of the way up.  Since I wasn’t too sure I could even make it up the fairly steep, 1.3 mile trail anymore, I wasn’t going to even try with the little guys so we stuck to checking out the wildflower trails.

Evidently it was too early in the year because we didn’t see any wildflowers.  We did have a nice little hike through the woods and over a cute little bridge.




We saw only one small patch of little white flowers in one of the few spots without a sign telling us what grows there.


After our hike, we went and played in the playground.


After a quick trip to the store for supplies, I made some sidewalk paints (cornstarch, water and food coloring) and the kids decorated our patio and the outside of our chimney.



We walked down to the river but it was slightly over its banks making a big patch of mud, so we didn’t stay long.

All that exercise and the kids are now playing Wii Fit Plus.  I think I may get my wish for an early bedtime tonight. ;-)

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