Friday, April 29, 2011

Prehistory – Part 3 Evolution

The next topic in our Prehistory program was a brief overview of evolution.  Since we will be discussing evolution as we proceed through the eras of prehistory, this was meant to just introduce the concept.

We read from our Usborne IL Encyclopedia of World History and read the story Our Family Tree.
Our Family Tree: An Evolution Story

Then we explored watched some episodes of Just So Darwin, which are cartoons with stories about animals such as “Why does the giraffe have a long neck” and “Why is the Platypus so unusual?” told from an evolutionary point of view.   My kids love watching programs about animals so these were a big hit. 

We also played the Monster Game where you get to create a creature and see how well he survives in the jungle.  Information is provided about animals with similar ears, noses, teeth and eyes and why they work well (or poorly) for survival.

Next week we will start working our way through the eras of Prehistory beginning with the Vendian Period.

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