Friday, April 1, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: 3/28 to 4/1

We had a light but okay week.   I’m still patiently awaiting my Math Mammoth so we can get started.  We didn’t do any special subjects this week because I’m preparing a Dinosaur study to go along with activities at our local museum.  I’ve been gathering our resources, ordering a few extra books from the library (even though we already own 16 books on dinosaurs and prehistoric life, not counting our Usborne IL Encyclopedia of World History) and setting up our plans. 

Language Arts

Georgie continued with Explode the Code and Scholastic Grammar.  So far there hasn’t been anything in either one that causes him even a moment’s hesitation.

Georgie was very happy to see the All About Spelling tiles come out again this week.  We covered the /z/ sound at the end of a word and the /kw/ sound.    He easily spelled all the Word List words for this lesson.


While we worked on spelling, Vicki worked on our other whiteboard with her Fridge Phonics letters.  Georgie pointed out to her that the red letters were vowels.


She also worked on an upper/lower case letter matching activity I made up months ago.  These two are pretty much all the school Vicki did this week.


I rearranged things so the many, many printable games and activities I have are easier to access so hopefully we will get back to using them more.

Georgie continued with Frog Jump capitals in Handwriting Without Tears.  We will be moving on to Corner Starting Capitals next week and will probably start moving through the capitals faster.


We are continuing along with MEP and Addition/Subtraction worksheets until our Math Mammoth comes, which should be TODAY!  I can’t wait print it off and get started. 


Yes, I have a brief brag on Steph this week.  Last weekend was our last regional dance competition for the year.  Steph has been having an amazing year but last weekend she really did well.   Her tap trio (The Remedy) won Extreme Platinum (the highest award) and 4th place overall teen duet/trio, her tap small group (5 Guys Named Moe) won Extreme Platinum and 9th place overall teen small group  (out of about 100 groups) and her solo (As Fast As You Can) won Extreme Platinum and 10th place overall senior solo (out of about 75 soloists).   I’m very proud of her and all the girls, and Robert, at WTDA! 

solos 2011

5 guys named moe 2011


  1. Congratulations to your oldest DD! What an accomplishment!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your Dinosaur unit and congrats to your DD!